Cornerstone of The Medic's superiority.

Inspired design results in a caster that's easy on the eye and the bottom line.

  • Innovative Design

    The Medic's unique tricolor caster status window is an example of sophisticated but simple design.

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  • The Medic's Evolution

    Thanks to Darcor's design commitment, The Medic is both better performing and better looking.

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See-through status window

Eliminates caster confusion

The scratch-resistant, curved polycarbonate window on The Medic shows caster status clearly at all times—and most light conditions. What's more, with "stoplight" colour coding there can be no language confusion anywhere in the world. Green is free swivel. Yellow: swivel lock. Red: total lock. Nothing could be simpler or more intuitive.

By eliminating caster confusion, The Medic builds operator understanding and reduces workplace accidents.

Unique CAM

Built to perform

Better looks are a bonus

With The Medic, form followed function. The engineers at Darcor set out to create the easiest-to-use, longest lasting, most productive caster available. Without compromising this goal, they also managed to produce a "look" of timeless, streamlined simplicity.

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The Medic®

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