More Advanced

The world's first single button, triple-function caster.

  • Most light conditions

    The Medic's single, triple-function button is incredibly easy to push—and to see in all light conditions.

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  • Unique CAM

    A durable and versatile multipurpose CAM—developed by Darcor—is the heart of The Medic.

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One Pedal

Three Clicks. Three Functions

The Medic is proof: advanced technology can be very simple. From free swivel, a light touch of the pedal takes the user to swivel lock. Another touch for total lock. And one more to return to free swivel. It’s simplicity itself. No confusion. No Mistakes. No scuffed shoes.

The Medic is so much more than just another product. It will leave a lasting impact on the way people move medical equipment.

One Pedal. Three Clicks. Three Functions.
Unique CAM

Unique Cam

The heart of things

As a technological leader, Darcor has many patents to its credit. But none offers a more basic breakthrough than the durable and versatile multi-purpose cam at the heart of The Medic. It took some time to develop, but world reaction says it was worth the wait.

Like all Darcor innovations, The Medic’s innovative cam was developed to both perform better and last longer—a powerful combination.

Darcor Listened

Darcor listened hard

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in mid-market medical machines offering unprecedented performance and value. But you told us that casters just weren’t keeping. pace. In fact, you specifically asked for a single-button, three-position caster and challenged Darcor to make it happen.

Clearly, we heard you. Clearly, there has never been another medical caster like The Medic.

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