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It's clear why global media have been talking up the Medic® from Darcor

  • Canadian Manufacturing & Exporters

    “Five years of research to produce a single-button, triple-function caster earned Darcor a 2011 Red Star Design Award for Excellence. The product was one of 5,268 submitted by more than 1,000 businesses for judging. Less than five per cent of the designs received a Red Star rating.”

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    Canadian Manufacturing & Exporters
  • Healthcare Purchasing News Magazine

    “Darcor Limited’s single-button, triple function caster features a patented multi-purpose cam, which permits one easy-to-engage foot pedal to control three caster functions—free swivel, swivel lock and total lock. Soft neoprene wheels are quiet and able to clear obstacles and reject debris without difficulty.”

    Healthcare Purchasing News Magazine
  • Medical Design Technology

    “Revolutionizing the global medical equipment industry, leading Canadian caster designer and manufacturer Darcor Limited has created the world’s first single-button, triple function caster…The result is a caster that boasts the best mobility in the caster world—easier to start, roll and swivel than all category competitors…”

    Medical Design Technology (MDT)
  • Medical Design Magazine

    “The first single-button, triple function caster was announced by its creator, Toronto-based Darcor Limited. The Medic took more than five years of research and development and features a multipurpose cam, which permits a foot pedal to easily control three caster functions: free swivel, swivel lock, and total lock.”

    Medical Design Magazine
  • Medical Product Manufacturing News

    “The aesthetically pleasing design incorporates a colour coded window that indicates the caster positions…Neoprene wheels, which are much softer than standard medical casters are both quiet and able to clear obstacles and reject debris…Hardened ball races prevent excessive wear and premature failure.”

    Medical Product Manufacturing News
  • International Hospital Equipment and Solutions Magazine

    “This high mobility caster is easier to start, roll and swivel, thus supporting workplace productivity while minimizing the likelihood of injuries to medical personnel…offers good braking ability. A typical cart with four of the casters securely holds a load of 600 lbs on a 10° incline.”

    International Hospital Equipment and Solutions Magazine
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