Easier to use

Now with better braking and greater reliability

  • Load Testing

    The Medic carries heavy loads without a hint of complaint. Testing in Darcor's labs proves it.

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  • Built to Last

    From the bottom the Medic is built to last, more durable washers are just one example.

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  • Exceeds Specifications

    The Medic carries heavy loads and exceeds IEC specifications without a hint of complaint.

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Easier to move

Softer, better rolling wheels

The Medic’s 60 shore "A" neoprene is significantly softer than the tires on most other medical casters, which means our wheels are both quieter and able to clear obstacles and debris without difficulty. They also roll far more easily on clean floors.

As with all Darcor casters, lower resistance and easier rolling adds up to fewer repetitive strain injuries in the workplace.

Wheels. Softer, better rolling wheels
Brakes. Rock solid braking control

Better Braking

With “finger-tip” pressure

Brake engagement with The Medic takes the lightest "finger-tip" pressure, and yet braking strength is unsurpassed. Case in point: a typical cart with four Medic® casters can easily hold a 600lb. weight on a ten-degree incline.

No competitor medical caster comes close to the braking (or overall) performance of The Medic, because no other caster has Darcor technology.

Built to last

Hardened ball races fight wear

At Darcor, we sweat the details. For example, in The Medic we developed hardened ball races—the most basic part in the caster—to prevent excessive wear and premature failure.

Darcor technology guarantees both better mobility and a longer working life for every caster.

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Darcor Casters and Wheels
The Medic®

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