Torture tested to assure lasting value

  • Torture Tested

    Nothing is left to chance. Every part in the Medic must pass the industry's most rigorous tests.

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  • Testing Results

    The Medic dramatically outperforms the competition across the board in endurance, mobility and value.

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Low cost

But predictably high quality

We’ve managed to make The Medic very cost competitive to meet the needs of the mid-market, but our quality and value standards are as stringent as ever. Across the board, we make key components—like our low-friction, high performing wheels—the best available.

At Darcor, we make your value buying decision simple.

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Torture tested to assure lasting value

Torture tested

To assure lasting value

As with all Darcor Casters, The Medic was exhaustively put through its paces in the laboratory. The endurance testing only stopped when our engineers had incontrovertible empirical proof that The Medic delivered the best available maneuverability and endurance.

One example. our testers subjected The Medic, fully loaded, to 10,000 passes over a 25mm bump, and the caster kept working flawlessly.

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